There are three types of membership:

1. Wholesale
Businesses whose primary business is the manufacturer, importing and/or distributing of music products

2. Retail
Retailers whose primary business is the retailing of music products, that supply directly to the public or the end-user

If you’re not sure which of the above categories best describes your business, the key factor is that the principal activity of your business will determine the class approved. In other words, if the majority of your revenue comes from selling musical instruments to the general public, then you are a retailer. If the majority of your revenue comes from selling music products to retailers, then you are wholesaler.

3. Associate
Businesses or individuals whose activities that relate to the music products industry but which fall neither into the above wholesale or retail classes. Associate members can include, organisations, luthiers and makers, repairers, piano tuners, private music studios, teaching businesses, software developers and individuals with an interest in the music products industry

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