Jade Sound Systems

42-44 Sheehan Road Heidelberg West
Tel: 03 9457 8000 Fax: 03 9457 8008
Email: sales@jadeaustralia.com.au
ABN: 47 006 989 920
Postal Address:
42-44 Sheehan Road Heidelberg West
Company Profile
Jade Sound Systems has been an Australian manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of amplification and public address systems since 1970. The Company makes a large range of guitar, bass and keyboard amplifiers as well as multi-use amplifiers and PA systems.

Current wholesale distribution also includes selected imported products including PA equipment, amplifiers, keyboards & digital pianos, acoustic, electric and bass guitars, Slides, banjos, mandolins, accordians, drums and accessories, bongos, Congas and extensive range of cables, stand hardware, instrument cases, bags, Brass & Woodwind instruments, string instruments & accessories.
Company Principals
Joe Bonich - Managing Director
Email: joe@jadeaustralia.com.au
Tel: 0411 830 442
Gordon Briddock - Internal Sales / Warranties Officer
Email: gordon@jadeaustralia.com.au
Tel: 0406 663 968
David Le Cornu - NSW / WA and NT Sales Manager
Email: david@jadeaustralia.com.au
Tel: 0411 570 777
Greg Drower - QLD & Territory Sales Manager
Email: greg@jadeaustralia.com.au
Tel: 0407 178 665
Dylan Stewart - VIC / TAS Sales Manager
Email: dylan@jadeaustralia.com.au
Tel: 0425 157 484
Steve Ainsworth - Product Development and Marketing Manager
Email: steve@jadeaustralia.com.au
Tel: 0424 142 763
Dan O'Hare - Logistics Coordinator
Email: dan@jadeaustralia.com.au
Tel: 03 9457 8000
Ben Harper - Credit Controller
Email: ben@jadeaustralia.com.au
Tel: 03 9457 8000
Lance Vadala - VIC / SA Sales Manager
Email: lance@jadeaustralia.com.au
Tel: 0412 589 484
Dan Stavridis - Operations / Sales Manager
Email: dan@jadeaustralia.com.au
Tel: 0433 969 368
Products Distributed
Acoustic guitars and accessories
Babicz - Acoustic Guitars
Fretz - guitar stands, gig bags, hard cases & aluminium cases
Martinez - Classical acoustics, acoustic/electric guitars, Roundbacks, Resonators, guitar strings, guitar straps and tuners.
Ramon Sanchez - Entry level classic and acoustic guitars
Acoustic pianos and accessories
Crown - Piano stools
Crown - Pianos
Amplifiers and accessories
Casino - guitar & bass amplifiers. AC/DC recharable Amplifiers.
SoundArt - Multi-purpose amplifiers
Storm - Guitar/bass Amplifiers, Hurricane Bass Amplifiers, Keyboard amplifiers, Acoustic, Amplifiers, Universal Amplifiers, PC 75, CT-75 series amplifiers and hybrid amplifiers.
Strauss - Amplifiers
Bass guitars and accessories
Casino - Entry level bass guitars
J & D Luthiers - Bass guitars
Brass and woodwind instruments, and accessories
K.Steinhoff - Saxophones, clarinets, trumpets, flutes trombones.
Digital pianos and accessories
Crown - Digital Pianos and accessories
Drums, percussion and accessories
Drumfire - Bongos, Congas and Accessories
Sonic Drive - Drum kits, bags, Bass drum pedals, Cymbals and accessories
Electric guitars and accessories
Big Heart - Guitar Slides
Casino - Entry level electric guitars & guitar tuners.
Crossfire - Effect pedals
Harlem - Electric guitars and basses
J & D Luthiers - Guitars
Tokai - Guitars
Electronic keyboards and accessories
Crown - Electronic keyboards & accessories
Crown - Keyboard stands & stools
General accessories
- Recorders & Harmonicas
- Lecterns and conference equipment including wireless conference products
SoundArt & Fretz - Music stands, conductor stands, guitar stands, guitar foot stools, Mic stands, Speaker stands, cable & leads.
PA, sound reinforcement and recording equipment
SoundArt - Powered and unpowered mixers, power amplifiers and loudspeaker systems
SoundArt - Microphones
Stringed instruments and accessories
K. Steinhoff - Violins & cases
Ramon Sanchez - Ukuleles,mandolins & brazilian cavaquinho guitars
Traditional and folk instruments, and accessories
K.Steinhoff - Accordians & Concertinas
Martinez - Banjos and Mandolins

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